Téo ziga


Music is the perfect way to describe Téo, the Funk/Soul/Rock bass player and singer. Born in Switzerland in 1999, he was 8 years old when he began the guitar and that’s how he discovered his passion.

He played only guitar for a few years and then discovered another way to express himself: singing. He started in 2013 in a musical comedy group at school, and then in the same year he began singing classes with Guillaume Whürmann (also known as John Dear) at l’EJMA in Lausanne.

2015 will also be a year of discoveries for him, since this is the year in wich he’ll start playing the bass guitar at l’EJMA in Lausanne with Pierangelo Crescenzio and meet Marco Ciocca playing for Imelda Gabs’ project A Time To Remember

Since 2015, Téo made some shows alone with his guitar or the piano. Despite that, he mainly played the bass, with the band Slow Fixes, the swiss singers Submaryne and Donna Zed and obviously, the band with his two friends Marco Ciocca and Jonathan le Coutre, Back To The Lab.