Jonathan le coutre


Growing up with two uncles working in the music business, Jonathan le Coutre was very quickly introduced to this artistic universe, and started, at the age of five, to take guitar lessons with Olivier Magistra at « la Saltarelle » music school.

It is only in 2013, at the age of twelve, that his hobby becomes his passion. He will first play for the yearly concert of his school, covering multiple songs with his friend Marco Ciocca on the drums.

His love of music won’t stop, and will lead him to taking part into Imelda Gabs’ project called « A Time To Remember » where he will meet Téo Ziga, the bass player with whom he and Marco will start composing under the name « Back To The Lab ». In parallel, he starts playing for Submaryne, and begins to tour everywhere in Switzerland, from St.Moritz to the Venoge Festival in the Geneva lake area.